Jun 21

The Benefits Of Water Therapy Explained


Anyone above a certain age, or people with mobility issues and conditions like arthritis, could certainly benefit from engaging in some water therapy, treatments and exercises carried out in a pool for those who struggle with land-based activity. This is an increasingly popular way for people to be treated or get some exercise, which they’d […]

Jun 15

App Launched To Help Dementia Patients Improve Their Environments


A new app has been designed to help carry out simple assessments of the homes of dementia patients and older people so they can be improved with all necessary changes required. Devised by the University of Stirling’s Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC), the app can digitally work out how suitable a care facility, residence or […]

May 24

How To Make Your Bathroom Safer


As you get older, or if you’ve sustained some kind of injury that has had an impact on how your body moves and feels, you’ll find that you might have to start making a few changes at home to help you go about your daily life. One of the most dangerous places in the home […]

May 22

Can you fit a Molly Bather belt bath lift to a corner bath?


Sometimes it takes a bit of ingenuity to solve a problem! Mrs E was struggling to use her corner bath. She’d had a fall and her family was nervous about her safety. They called one of the large national bath lift companies and were advised to change the bath so that a belt lift could […]

May 16

How To Ease Stiff Joints


Anyone who lives with arthritis, young or old, will know just how difficult it can be to go about your daily life. Even getting in and out of the mini walk in bath can prove extremely challenging sometimes. And sometimes, it’s as if there’s nothing wrong. When it comes to easing stiff joints and helping […]

May 13

Will Election Candidates Sign Pledge For Those With Muscle-Wasting Conditions


Charity Muscular Dystrophy UK, which provides support for people in the country living with rare muscle-wasting conditions, has called on parliamentary candidates to sign up to a pledge to support and fight for the rights of people affected by these illnesses. It has set out seven pledges that it is sending to all candidates in […]

May 09

Being Active ‘Important’ For Those With Rheumatoid Arthritis


The importance of exercise and being physically active for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) has been highlighted. Writing for the Huffington Post, Dr Wendy Holden, a consultant rheumatologist at North Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and medical advisor for Arthritis Action, explained that people who suffer from the condition can end up with more […]

Apr 24

Significant Breakthrough In Dementia Treatment


Scientists at the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) have made a significant breakthrough that could lead to effective treatment for dementia patients. The organisation revealed that a team of researchers has identified two drugs – one of which is already licensed for use in humans – that block a major pathway that leads to brain […]

Apr 20

Japan Developing Mobility Aiding Robots For Elderly


Here in the UK, we can help our elderly people maintain their mobility by altering their homes, installing the likes of disability baths so that they can keep living their lives to the fullest. However, in Japan, they’re going one step further to keep their ageing population on the move, by inventing robots to aid mobility […]

Apr 13

Driverless Cars ‘Will Improve Lives’ Of Those With Mobility Issues


People with mobility issues could benefit from the roll-out of driverless cars, with six in ten saying that they expect these connected vehicles to improve their quality of life. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) study found that six out of every ten people in the UK will see their lives transformed by […]

Apr 10

Adapting ‘Key’ To Living With Dementia


When you are diagnosed with dementia life can seem to get more difficult, and for many people it’s a scary time where they worry about what will happen next. One dementia sufferer, who writes a blog about her experiences, recently wrote an article for the Yorkshire Post explaining that adapting to life with dementia is […]

Apr 03

New Arthritis Drug Offer Hopes For Sufferers


As you grow older, you often need more help than you used to with everyday tasks, but with modern technology, from bath lifts to stair lifts, you can get back your independence around the home. While there are plenty of various ailments and illnesses that can lead you to needing a bath lift, rheumatoid arthritis […]