Feb 15

MPs Call For Govt To Address Elderly Housing Problems


More help should be given to elderly people in the UK so they can adapt their homes to suit their changing needs and reduce the number moving into residential care, MPs have urged in a new report. The Communities and Local Government Committee’s Housing For Older People document highlighted the problems faced by the ageing […]

Feb 10

British Red Cross Criticises Elderly Care


Small walk in baths are just some of the many ways in which people can maintain more independence at home as they get older. This is important for many people, and can actually benefit the mental health of some too. It is also not a great time to be entering social care as the NHS […]

Jan 29

Council Hoping To Boost Use Of Assistive Tech By Elderly


We all understand that as we get older we may need to make modifications to our homes to help us stay safe and live independent lives. That might involve having things like easy access showers installed in our bathrooms, but now one council in the UK is running a scheme to try and get more elderly […]

Jan 26

Advice To Make Your Home Safe For Someone With Alzheimer’s


If you are getting ready to take on the role of caring for a loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, there are a number of steps you should consider to ensure your home is a safe environment for them. Channel3000 has offered some advice on what to prioritise and how to decide where to […]

Jan 19

Older People More At Risk Of Flu


If you have need to use UK disability baths, it’s important that you also don’t threaten your independence by not taking care of your health as properly as you should. You may already have heard of Aussie Flu or French Flu, so called because the flu strain took hold in Australia’s winter, and is now […]

Jan 10

Do You Claim Carer’s Credit?


If you look after a disabled person and are providing 20 hours of care or more a week, it’s possible that you might be eligible to claim carer’s credit. This is a scheme designed to help carers build up better state pension entitlements, so you could really benefit if you research it this year. New […]

Jan 07

13m Brits Argue ‘About Sharing Bathrooms’


It can be difficult living with friends and family, but apparently one of the most challenging things about cohabiting for Brits is sharing bathrooms. According to recent figures from Direct Line Home Insurance, 13 million adults have had an argument about the use of the bathroom in the past. For 800,000 of these people, the […]

Jan 01

Optimism And Stubbornness ‘Can Help You Live Longer’


Researchers from the University of Rome La Sapienza and the University of California San Diego School of Medicine have carried out a study looking at the psychological traits that can help people live longer and happier lives. The team spoke to residents in rural Italian communities who are aged between 90 and 101, as well […]

Dec 20

How To Reduce The Risk Of Fractures Among Elderly


Ageing brings with it an increased risk of fractures but there are ways to guard against the trips and slips so commonly responsible for fractures in older people. Bones lose mineral content with age and become more likely to break during a fall. According to TheHealthSite, one in three women and one in five men […]

Dec 07

Is Multigenerational Living Set To Rise In Popularity?


You can barely go a day without seeing something in the news about the housing crisis in the UK at the moment, so it will probably come as little surprise that people are reconsidering how they live and looking at alternative options. AOL recently highlighted a study by online estate agent, which found that […]

Dec 04

Physiotherapy Services Should Be Delivered In Full


When a physiotherapist recommends a programme of sessions, they should be allowed to deliver it, rather than being encouraged to cut back on the number of sessions provided to patients. This is the opinion of Dawn Skelton, professor of ageing and health at Glasgow Caledonian University, who addressed the British Geriatric Society this month. The […]

Nov 29

Is Your Sleep Routine Affecting Your Arthritis?


As you get older there are many aliments that can make life difficult, but there are many steps you can take around your home such as installing a walk in shower bath or bar supports to make daily life easier. A study has shown how your sleep pattern and routine could affect your health and […]