Sep 15

High Fat Diets Could Help You Live Longer, Says Study


As we get older there are some things that won’t be so easy to do, and there are many practical things you can do to help such as installing a walk in shower bath or eating healthier to combat ailments. According to a new study carried out by UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine on […]

Sep 12

How To Introduce The Idea Of Bath Lifts


If you’re helping an older family member or friend and are watching as they struggle with everyday tasks, it could well be time to get them to consider making modifications to their home to make life easier. But it can be difficult to introduce some of these concepts to someone who may be wary of […]

Sep 03

Popular Tourist Locations ‘Not Catering For Disabled People’


The chief executive of Disability Wales has come out and said that services provided for people with disabilities at popular tourist locations around the country are not good enough, with people being excluded because of a lack of accessible facilities. Rhian Davies noted that disabled people and their families are finding it hard to secure […]

Aug 29

Small Changes For A Safer Bathroom


As well as investing in essentials for a safer bathroom environment for yourself or a loved one such as a practical walk in bath, there are some smaller changes that can make bathing the relaxing experience it is supposed to be for everybody in the family. Dr Santosh Datar, Medical Director and Consultant Doctor at […]

Aug 29

Hidden Costs Of Arthritis Revealed


A new campaign has been launched to draw attention to the hidden costs of arthritis, not only for the British economy and health service, but also for the individuals suffering from the condition and their families. Research published by Arthritis Research UK revealed that 25.1 million working days are lost every year as a result […]

Aug 21

Rain Not Linked To Arthritis Pain, Says Study


If your need for an easy access shower is due to joint pain, you may be interested in this new study which looks to dispel some myths surrounding conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. As the world has suffered from  this joint-wearing condition, we’ve assumed that wet and cold weather can cause flare ups, but according […]

Aug 01

Nursing Shortage Exacerbating Bed Blocking


Shower seats and disability baths can help you retain your independence in your own home. Older people may be more likely to have falls or break bones, but with the correct care you can be back, and living independently in no time. Unfortunately the ‘bed blocking’ crisis, which sees older people unable to be discharged […]

Jul 28

Could This Drug Cure Depression In Elderly?


While the likes of easy access baths offer elderly people the chance to live their lives as normally as possible, in spite of any medical conditions or pain, there are some issues for this community which aren’t so quick a fix as remodelling a bathroom. It’s estimated that three per cent of the UK population […]

Jul 27

Should You Consider Bathroom Modifications For Visitors?


When you’re fit and healthy it can be easy not to notice things that can be difficult or even dangerous for older or less-mobile friends and family. The bathroom is a space that can cause particular difficulties and it’s been suggested that looking at this room from the perspective of guests, as well as residents, […]

Jul 21

Top Tips For A Multi-Generational Household


With house prices increasing, more and more people are thinking of new and unconventional ways to get on to the property ladder. Teaming up with family members is one way to combine resources and also enjoy the benefits of extended family life. Moving in with parents, grandparents or relatives from different generations is not without […]

Jul 20

Bathroom Lighting Important For Safety


If you suffer from any kind of mobility issues, you’ll know that the bathroom is a place where you have to be particularly careful. This room in the home can often be where trips and slips occur and you need to do everything possible to minimise the risks if you’re already struggling to get around. […]

Jul 06

Regular Exercise ‘Could Reduce Risk’ Of Chronic Back Pain


Those of you with mobility issues, pain and sensitive backs may find that doing some regular exercise helps to manage your symptoms, whether it’s something intense like going to the gym or simply increasing the amount you’re walking. New research from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health in Helsinki – published in the British Journal […]