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Bath Buddy inflatable bath lift – for full depth bathing!

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The Bath Buddy inflatable bath lift enables you to continue enjoying your existing bath. No installation required! The motor remains outside the bathroom and simply plugs into the nearest available electric socket. Easy to take with you when visiting family or going on holiday.

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Bath Buddy – the inflatable bath lift which allows you to continue using the full depth of your existing bath.

Use the soft touch buttons on the Bath Buddy hand control inflate or deflate the seat. You can stop the rising or lowering at any time by simply releasing the button. Once inflated, the Bath Buddy is very solid and reassuring to climb aboard.

The Bath Buddy pump remains outside the bathroom, so there is no requirement for any electical supply within the room. Simply plug the Bath Buddy inflatable bath lift pump into an available electrical socket, run the inflator hose and control cable into the bathgroom and you are ready to enjoy your bath!

An extra long control cable and hose (4m) can be provided if required (add two days to delivery). And if you have a deep bath, an extra tall model (18 inch) is available.

There are no metal parts, so the Bath Buddy inflatable bath lift cannot damage your bath in any way.

Going on holiday or visiting your family? The optional soft or hard carry cases will make taking your lift with you a breeze.

The inflator hose and control cable can be either right or left handed to suit your bath. If you have the wall to your left when in your bath, you will require the right hand model (so that the hose and cable exit to your right over the bath rim).

Made in the UK, and fully warrantied, the Bath Buddy inflatable lift is well proven with thousands of satisfied customers.

* Not suitable for anti slip baths * *not returnable if used or removed from packaging*

Bath Buddy inflatable bath lift – simple and convenient!


  • Lowers you right to the bottom of the bath
  • Easy to use and transport
  • No metal parts
  • No electrical installation


  • Solid or lightweight carry bag
  • Extended 4m hose and handset cable
  • 455mm/18″ seat height model
  • Right or left hand models (air hose connection to bath seat)


  • Width: 570mm (22”)
  • Depth: 590mm (23”)
  • Seat height: 380mm (15”) or 455mm (18″)
  • Seat inflate time: 30 seconds
  • Cable & hose standard 3m (10ft); extended 4m (13ft)
  • Max user weight: 127kg (20st)
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Optional 4 years extended warranty


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