Dec 19

How Chess Is Changing Disabled People’s Lives For The Better


An international chess tournament for disabled players has recently shown how playing the game can bring real benefits to people.

Dec 10

UK Disability Access Is Poor, Says Coronation Street Star


Coronation Street actress Cherylee Houston has been discussing how she struggles in public due to a lack of provisions made for those with mobility problems.

Nov 21

UK Landmarks Show Support For Better Disability Access


Major landmarks across the country have thrown themselves behind a campaign to improve disability access in shops.

Oct 23

Survey Launched To Discover Truth Behind Disability Access


A survey has been launched to determine what disabled people think about access in public places and whether it has improved in the last year.

Oct 22

Trafford Disability Funding £200k More Than 2009


Trafford Council has revealed it has spent £214,965 more on Disability Facilities Grants (DFGs) this financial year than it did in 2009.

Oct 07

New App Launched To Review Bathrooms


The aim of the new app isn’t to lambast business owners for the state of their toilets, but to bring about positive change.

Oct 02

‘Majority’ Of Homes Are Inaccessible For Wheelchair Users


A new report has revealed that just 21 of people say that a wheelchair user would reasonably be able to access all parts of the house.

Sep 10

Disabled Homeseekers ‘Struggling’ To Find Suitable Accommodation


Disabled people looking for accomodation are finding it so hard to access suitable accommodation that they’re experiencing emotional distress as a result.

Aug 29

New Homes ‘Need Higher Accessibility Standards’


Age UK has called for more to be done to ensure that the UK’s disabled people and those with mobility problems are catered for by the UK’s housing stock.

Aug 12

Tourist Hotspots Need To Improve Toilet Accessibility, Says Study


A study found that 73% of people with a disability who had visited a UK tourist attraction found that there was no toilet they could accommodate their needs.

Aug 07

Arthritis Sufferers ‘More Likely To Die Of Heart Disease’


A new study has revealed that people who suffer from arthritis are more likely to die of heart disease than those who don’t.

Jul 19

Advice To Make Bathrooms Safer As You Age


Much though you may not like to admit it, you need to be more careful as you get older and consider how you can make your home as safe as possible for you and the rest of your family. The bathroom is one area that you should look closely at. An article from Southern Trust […]