Sep 09

Financial Support For Disabled People Working From Home


The government has announced an extension of the Access to Work scheme, providing extra help for disabled people working from home or in the workplace.

Sep 01

Safety A Top Priority For UK Consumers Looking For A New Bathroom


There are plenty of people who want a bathroom that is functional and safe too, not just a wellness retreat.

Aug 19

84 Per Cent Want Height-Accessible Sanitising Stations


The ‘COVID Concerns and Precautions Survey’, which ran from 18 June to 19 July, quizzed 450 disabled people on their opinions of the lockdown restrictions

Aug 05

South Oxfordshire District Council Increase Disabled Facilities Grant


Disabled and vulnerable residents that live in the South Oxfordshire area can now apply for larger grants to make their homes safer.

Aug 01

Bathrooms For Elderly Relatives


There are many ways we can improve our homes to make them more accessible, here are some tips to help our loved elderly relatives retain their independence.

Jul 30

Oxford Council Calls For Inclusive City Centre


Oxford City Centre needs to be made more accessible for disabled residents and visitors as it continues to re-open to the public, according to the local authority and charities.

Jul 20

Relaxing Planning Rules ‘Puts Accessible Homes At Risk’


A coalition of charities have warned that relaxing planning rules could create more problems for the existing shortage of accessible homes.across the UK.

Jul 08

Derbyshire Announces Construction Of ‘Easily Adaptable Homes’


A new social housing development in Derbyshire is set to get underway, with council bosses revealing that they plan to deliver 400 new homes.

Jul 05

Charity Gets £12m To Build Accessible Smart Homes


The Scottish Government has approved a £12m loan to enable the construction of 160 smart homes for disabled people in Scotland.

Jul 01

Adaptive Fitness Sessions Launched By LimbPower


UK disability charity LimbPower has launched a new series of online adaptive fitness sessions for youngsters with disabilities to get involved with.

Jun 29

Pamis Helps Disabled People Communicate During Pandemic


The charity has launched an online tool and released materials so people at home can make their own passport, that Pamis has been using to help PMLD.

Jun 02

BBC Produces Disability Discrimination Act Drama


The BBC has revealed it will feature a new drama to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Disability Discrimination Act.