May 20

Functional Improvements Best For Bathrooms


If you’re planning to make some changes to your bathroom this year then it’s best to focus on making functional improvements.

May 10

Brits Spend £3k A Year To Upgrade Homes


Research has found that, on average, each UK adult affords £3,048 on home improvement jobs every 12 months.

Apr 30

Netflix Launches New Disability Show ‘Special’


Netflix has launched its new show entitled ‘Special’ highlighting the challenges disabled people face in their daily lives.

Apr 18

Disability Access To Improve In 73 Train Stations


The government has pledged £300 million to transform 73 train stations to help disabled rail passengers across the UK. Visit our blog to find out more.

Apr 09

Bathroom Refresh ‘Popular Home Improvement Project’


A study looking at the most popular home improvement projects found that 34% of homeowners spent money on their bathroom in the last 5 years

Apr 03

Accessible Home Improvement Pilot Launched


A pilot project has been launched in the UK to help boost the number of accessible homes available for the country’s ageing population.

Mar 31

Design Assumptions ‘Stop Buildings Being Inclusive’


One academic in Australia believes that one of the issues holding more buildings back from being inclusive is current assumptions about design.

Mar 21

New Homes ‘Should Be Built For All Ages’


A survey found that 72% of Brits believe all new homes that are built should be designed so that they’re suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

Feb 25

How To Stay Safe In The Bathroom As You Get Older


There are a number of things you can do to make the bathroom easier & safer to use as you get older.

Feb 19

Inaccessible Housing ‘Holding Back Those With Disabilities’


Campaigners have highlighted how disabled people living in inaccessible housing are 4 times more likely to be unemployed than those in an adapted property.

Jan 25

Disabled US Vlogger Shines Light On UK Toilet Accessibility Issues


While bringing accessibility to your own bathroom, whether that’s disability baths or grab rails, is one thing, outside of the safe space of your own home, it’s clear that the level of accessibility equipment can vary, making what is an essential process less than easy for many with disabilities. While those in the UK may […]

Dec 14

Chores ‘Can Help Dementia Sufferers Maintain Their Identity’


If your partner is suffering from dementia, it’s important that you still allow them to be involved in the day-to-day tasks associated with running a home. This is the advice of Dr Gayle Madden, Admiral Nurse Professional and practice development facilitator, who offered some tips to couples who are dealing with a dementia diagnosis or […]