Sep 18

Old Age Safety Net ‘Dangerously Weak’


Older people in the UK are being put at risk because the safety net we expect to be there once we reach a certain age has become dangerously weak, a new report from Age UK has now warned. Estimations from the charity show that there are almost half a million people over the age of […]

Sep 16

Have You Heard Of The Motability Scheme?


Those of you who’ve made the decision to renovate your home to adapt to your changing physical needs, such as by installing half height shower doors or similar, may also find that there comes a time when you need a bit of a helping hand outside the house as well. Luckily, there’s a Motability Scheme […]

Sep 11

Majority Of People Happy To Adapt Homes


It’s understandable that the majority of us want to stay in our own homes as we get older. Luckily, there is a range of modifications you can make should your mobility worsen as you age, and many people are happy to make these alterations if it means they don’t have to move. A survey by […]

Aug 13

How To Cope With Caregiver Fear


Have you heard of the term caregiver fear? It refers to the anxiety and worry a person can feel when they become a carer for a loved one. According to Drugwatch, one of the most common ways in which it manifests is through the caregiver asking themselves a lot of ‘what if’ questions. These questions […]

Jul 27

Arthritis Sufferers ‘Missing Out’ On Home Adaptations


If you’re suffering from something like arthritis, home adaptations such as bath lifts aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessity. The UK’s social care system does support a range of adaptations that can be carried out for arthritis sufferers, however, the majority of people haven’t been made aware of this, according to Home Care. According to […]

Jul 05

Disability Pay Gap Reaches Highest Level Since 2013


In 2017, the average hourly pay for disabled people was £9.90, while non-disabled workers made £11.40. This is according to a new report from the TUC, finding that the disability pay gap has now risen to its highest level in five years – peaking at 15 per cent. The study also found that disabled people […]

Jun 28

Squeezed-Middle Pay Up To £10k A Year For Elderly Parents


After years of providing financial support for their children, elderly people now need monetary assistance of their own, according to a report commissioned by health insurer Beneden. Its Tipping Point survey found that those in their 50s, 60s and 70s are paying up to £10,000 a year to help their parents out, with more than […]

Jun 27

Need A New Bath? Make Sure You Consider Safety


When you look at home renovation magazines or scroll through social media for inspiration on how to renovate your bathroom, you’re likely to see a lot of freestanding bathtubs. However, while these look incredibly stylish, they’re actually highly impractical. A recent article for Treehugger – which noted that it was International Bath Day on 14th […]

May 25

Renovating? Think About How To Future-Proof Your Home


If you’re getting started on a home renovation project, you should be thinking about how long you plan to remain in your property and whether it’s worth making changes that will ensure it remains suitable as your needs change. This is the opinion of designer Kevin McCloud, who told the Express that it’s more important […]

May 14

Older People With Moderate Needs Waiting Longer For Care


Older people with what are termed ‘moderate needs’ – such as those who could be at risk of a fall or of becoming malnourished – are waiting too long to receive the care and support they need. The Independent highlighted the findings of a report by the Commons Public Account Committee (PAC), which stated that […]

May 02

Empty Nesters Improving Homes Rather Than Moving


More and more people are choosing to stay put when their children move out of home rather than downsizing. That’s the finding of a survey by Lloyds Bank, which revealed that 45 per cent of empty nesters in the UK are not intending to move, but instead plan to stay where they are and make […]

Apr 26

How To Design A Home That Adapts As You Age


With people moving home less frequently than in the past there is a need for properties that can adapt as we age, ensuring that we’re able to continue living in the same homes well into our old age. The Daily Mail has highlighted an exhibit at the National Building Museum in Washington DC, which explores […]