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Solar high level bath with drop down door

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Designed to permit transfer from a wheelchair, but equally suitable for anyone requiring a high level bathing surface.

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Solar Features

  • Central door position
  • High floor level for easy transfer
  • Lifetime door seal guarantee
  • Two internal grab rails

The Solar high level bath with drop down door permits easy transfer from a wheelchair. However it is equally suitable if you are an ambulant person requiring a convenient high level bathing surface.

To open the door, you simply turn the handle and fold the door down against the front of the bath. You can then slide across onto the raised height bath base. Close the door using the grab handles, and you are ready to fill your bath.

By positioning the taps centrally, you can choose to be seated to the left or right of the door and still have full control for bath filling and showering.

Made by hand in the UK, the Solar high level bath with drop down door features a sturdy steel frame and is superbly finished. If necessary, you can trim the bath to a minimum of 1600mm. Pleased call us to discuss, as this can be handled during production at the factory.

Would you like a little luxury? The optional hydrotherapy spa will deliver streams of pre-warmed air bubbles to provide a relaxing massage. Your skin will feel invigorated and refreshed and the water will feel lighter as it is aerated by the bubbles. Because the spa is air driven, the effect is extremely gentle with no high pressure points. Our factory fitted warm air hydrotherapy spas use a self-purging system which dries itself after use, so no water is left in the pipes after use. Once you’ve tried a hydrotherapy spa bath, you’ll never want an ordinary bath again!

And to create the perfect mood, why not add factory fitted chomotherapy lighting. The seven colours can promote peace and tranquility through to stimulation and refreshment!

For information on installing this bath please see our installation section.

If you wish to purchase this bath without using the online payment option, please call to discuss alternative methods.

Solar high level bath with drop down door – takes bathing to a new level!

“First class advice and very helpful” Mrs S, Bexhill-on-Sea.


  • Length 1680mm (66.1”) trimable to a minimum of 1600mm (63 inches)
  • Width 740mm (29.1”)
  • Height 800mm (31.5”)
  • Capacity: 200ltr
  • Warranty: Bath 6 years; door seal lifetime; spa and/or lights 1 year


  1. Paul

    First class advice and very helpful. Mrs S, Bexhill-on-Sea. Sept 2016

  2. Rev Nigel Rodgers

    My wife has multiple myeloma with significant deterioration to her vertebrae. She wanted a bath with the facility to fully recline that she didn’t have to get down into or have the need for assistance from a person or mechanism. With this bath she drops down the door, sits at a ‘normal’ height, swings her legs in, closes the door and she’s away for a relaxing soak. Perfect!!! She absolutely loves it! It is the piece of kit that has most improved her quality of life and well-being.

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